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As an English teacher for more than 30 years and camp administrator and consultant for almost as long, I have come to realize that children today need to learn how to deal with the often unexpected struggles in their lives.


I wrote my memoir to help teens and their parents navigate through myriad issues that often confront them when they least expect it. Bullying, drug use, depression, and teen suicide have touched the lives of far too many young people; it’s important for them to see that there are ways to avoid the negative outcomes that some have experienced.

Learning Outcomes




"Once in a blue moon we find a literary piece that carries a powerful message to readers of all ages. Here it is..."

—  John McCormack
Award Winning Author of Jamaal's Journey

Learn How to Make Better Choices

Students will learn how to weigh options and carefully consider how their decisions affect others as well as themselves.

Positively Influence Peers

Participants will understand how they can be empowered to help their peers make better decisions and become positive members of society.

How to Overcome Adversity

Students will learn how to create a strong support system that starts with them as the center of that support system.

Deal with Bullying in a Practical Way

Students will experience ways to create a zero tolerance policy for bullying and positive reinforcement strategies for behaviors that have been proven to stop bullying at its source.

Get and Stay


Strategies for goal-setting and effective planning to stay focused on individual goals.

Learn Effective Team Communication

Participants will learn how to communicate better and work together to maximize healthy relationships.


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