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"Working with you during the planning stages was a treat! In advance, you meticulously broke down all of our camp literature and staffing information and in return offered an analysis of its objectives. As for the orientation sessions themselves... Again, Terrific! The icebreakers, the teamwork enhancement sessions, and my favorite, the very interpretive artistic drawings by staff members on their visions of each other were a lot of fun and telling. I found you to be resourceful, creative, fun-loving, patient, insightful, and capable. Bravo!" 

Doug Pierce

Pierce Country Day Camp




All workshops can be tailored in length and content to meet the needs of your camp. We can train the entire group at once, conduct break-out sessions or do both! The following all inclusive programs can train your counselors how to be effective at:


Developing and maintaining positive Group Dynamics 

Communicating with Parents 

Functioning as a team (co-counselors) 

Avoiding burnout 

Working with Senior Staff 

Facilitating Icebreakers 



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With over 15 years of senior camp administrative experience, Marc Hoberman has developed the methods needed for the effective training of Senior Staff. Let your staff benefit from the fresh voice and new perspective Marc and his staff emphasize on the everyday issues all camp professionals encounter. 




Use performance evaluations as a communication tool that will turn counselors on...not off! Marc will personally model his strategies for your staff to use during the evaluation process. 


Put the "Special" back in Specialists with innovative icebreakers and roleplays. 


Line-up Activities and more... 


Camp wouldn't be complete without the fun and antics of mixers, games and ice-breakers. Let the experienced facilitators of Grade Success, Inc. train your staff in the art of being a Games Facilitator. Or simply let Grade Success melt the ice at your first staff training by conducting some incredible, dynamic and fun Ice-breakers! We keep your goals in mind. 

  • Line-up Activities 

  • Ice-breakers 

  • Games 

Partial Camp List

• Pierce Day Camp

• Camp Apollo

• East Brunswick Town Camps

• Camp Kiwi

• Camp Ramaquois        

• Green Trees Day Camp

• Camp Lenox       

• Mount Tom Day Camp

• Camp Lindenmere      

• Park Shore Day Camp

• Camps 'R' Us        

• Camp Kinder RIng 

• The Inwood "Y" Camp           

• USY Encampment

• And more...

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