Marc Hoberman, with 33+ years of experience as a certified life coach, virtual speaker, live speaker has been working tremendously towards reforming the lives of children and their parents as a virtual speaker in the US.  He is specialized in helping people fight through sensitive issues such as;

  • Anti-bullying strategies

  • Dealing with peer pressure

  • Fighting and overcoming adversities in life

  • Drug abuse prevention and ways to cope up with it

  • Instilling team-building skills and enhancing communication

Marc is exceptional at his work since he has a deep understanding of such subjects due to his childhood experiences. He fought against epilepsy as a 16-year-old teen, and life has been a journey full of hardships and learning through it for Marc.

As a live speaker,  Marc focuses on engaging with teenagers who feel stuck in life or face depression and help regain them their happy, old-selves. Teenage is a very delicate period of life that can make or break a person. It is also difficult for parents to understand a child's perspective, which becomes a huge struggle for both the parent as well as the child.

During his sessions as a virtual speaker, Marc has been facilitating the thought processes of those who have lost their will to live. People who have a hard time communicating their issues or are clueless about the solution to their never-ending emotional issues find clarity in life. Marc Hoberman has helped several people get free from the trap of social issues. He is working hard to make society a better place to live in and have a sense of understanding by developing empathy.  

Wise guidance is essential for living a healthy life, and Marc Hoberman provides just that.

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